Welcome to The Posh Perch


I'm Dean, a lifelong animal lover, graphic designer and serial entrepreneur. I was looking to start a new business with one goal: to create something I was passionate about. That dream came to fruition with The Posh Perch. I combined my love of animals with serving a passionate group of pet owners, parrot owners, creating unique products using my high-end graphic design skills and putting it all together using my Entrepreneurial skills.

The Posh Perch is a sister brand of RealCoolStickers.com, selling stickers and stuff. Pet bird products have been a popular part of that brand, so I decided to branch off and create a brand that caters to the pet bird niche.

I still remember my first pet bird, a Peach-Faced Love Bird, a tiny starter bird with a huge personality. It only takes one bird to fall in love with the hobby of birdkeeping.

At The Posh Perch, I aim to celebrate the connection between people and their wonderful pet birds by creating unique products only designed by us.

If our products can help show off your passion for your pet and put a smile on your face, then I have accomplished my goal for this company.