Gray Cockatiel Cutting Board
Gray Cockatiel Cutting Board
Gray Cockatiel Cutting Board

"I love this cutting board it's so cute" -Jessie

Gray Cockatiel Cutting Board

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Introducing the Glass Gray Cockatiel Cutting Board: A Tropical Twist for Your Kitchen!

Unveiling the perfect fusion of style, safety, and function—our newest Glass Parrot-themed Cutting Boards.

Design: Elegantly designed to capture the vibrant hues and contours of a tropical parrot, this board is not just a kitchen accessory; it's a conversation starter. At 8"x 11", it provides ample space for chopping, dicing, and slicing while gracing your countertop with a dash of tropical flair.

Safety First: Say goodbye to those precarious chopping moments! Each cutting board is equipped with rubber feet that ensure it stays right where you put it—no unexpected slides or shifts. Enhanced safety is complemented by the unique feather-like pattern on the glass surface, designed meticulously to keep your food in place as you chop, minimizing risks and maximizing precision.

Heatproof & Durable: Crafted with heat-proof glass, this board is not just for chopping. Need a stylish trivet for your hot pots and pans? Look no further. It's the multi-functional tool every modern kitchen needs.

Cleanup’s a Breeze: The smooth glass surface means no food residues get stuck, making cleanup as easy as a swift wipe.

Whether you're a culinary enthusiast or just love a touch of whimsy in your kitchen, our Glass Parrot-themed Cutting Board is a game-changer. Infuse your cooking space with the essence of the tropics and enjoy a safer, more delightful cooking experience.

Add some 'tropi-cool' flair to your kitchen today! 🦜🌴🔪


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Transform your kitchen into a vibrant oasis with the coolest cutting boards around! These parrot-themed tempered glass cutting boards not only add a splash of color and charm but also offer exceptional durability and style. The intricate, cool designs featuring beautiful parrots bring a tropical vibe to your culinary space, making meal prep a delightful experience. Whether you're slicing fruits, chopping vegetables, or preparing your favorite dishes, these cutting boards provide a sturdy and hygienic surface that brightens your kitchen and inspires your inner chef.


Every creation is born in the heart of our vibrant Miami design studio. Here, our talented team of designers pours their passion and creativity into each project, ensuring that every detail reflects our commitment to excellence. From the initial concept to the final product, our studio is a bustling hub of innovation and artistry, where ideas come to life and dreams are realized. Experience the unique blend of style and craftsmanship that only our Miami design studio can offer.

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Q. What material are these cutting boards made from?

A. Our awesome parrot themed cutting boards are made from glass. 

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